Recommended: Mainstream Science C grade or General Science B Grade

Year 10  Year 11  Year 12 
Physical Sciences Physics ATAR Physics ATAR
Chemical Sciences Chemistry ATAR Chemistry ATAR
Biological Sciences    Biology ATAR Biology ATAR
Human Biology ATAR Human Biology ATAR  
Psychology ATAR Psychology ATAR
Marine and Maritime Studies ATAR   Marine and Maritime Studies ATAR 
General Science Human Biology General Human Biology General
Marine Science Marine and Maritime Studies General  Marine and Maritime Studies General

The shaded area indicates a University Pathway.

Course Description
The Year 11 general syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair.

Unit 1 – “Healthy body”
This unit explores how the systems of the human body are interrelated to help sustain functioning to maintain a healthy body.

Unit 2 – “Reproduction”
This unit explores the role that males and females have in reproduction, including contraception, and the issues of sexually transmitted infections and infertility, as well as the development of the embryo and foetus.

Retrieved from: School Curriculum and Standards Authority. 29 June 2023.