Prerequisite – Science Mainstream high C grade and Biological Sciences B grade Cost: $37.60 (Revise Online)

Year 10  Year 11  Year 12 
Physical Sciences Physics ATAR Physics ATAR
Chemical Sciences Chemistry ATAR Chemistry ATAR
Biological Sciences    Biology ATAR Biology ATAR
Human Biology ATAR Human Biology ATAR  
Psychology ATAR Psychology ATAR
Marine and Maritime Studies ATAR   Marine and Maritime Studies ATAR 
General Science Human Biology General Human Biology General
Marine Science Marine and Maritime Studies General  Marine and Maritime Studies General

 The shaded area indicates a University Pathway.

Course Description
The Year 11 syllabus is divided into two units, each of one semester duration, which are typically delivered as a pair.

Unit 1
This unit focuses on a number of concepts that enable students to gain an understanding of how and why people behave the way they do. Students learn about the human brain and explore the impact of external factors on behaviour, such as physical activity and psychoactive drugs. Cognitive processes, such as sensation and perception, and selective and divided attention are investigated. Students are introduced to ethics in psychological research and carry out investigations.

Unit 2
This unit focuses on developmental psychology. Students gain insight into the nature/nurture debate and look at the role of play in assisting development. Students explore what is meant by the term personality and examine historical perspectives used to explain personality. They also explore behaviour and causes of prejudice. Psychological research methods studied in Unit 1 are further developed.

Careers/Further Study
Psychologist, Counsellor, Human Resources Manager, Social Worker, Market Research Analyst.

Retrieved from: School Curriculum and Standards Authority. 29 June 2023.